Im Namen GOTTES, des Allergnšdigsten, Barmherzigsten
Kein anderer Gott als GOTT

Willkommen zur Ergebung (Islam)

Sura 37, The Arrangers (Al-S„ff„t)

[37:0] Im Namen GOTTES, des Allergnšdigsten, Barmherzigsten

[37:1] The arrangers in columns.

[37:2] The blamers of those to be blamed.

[37:3] The reciters of the messages.

[37:4] Your god is only one.

[37:5] The Lord of the heavens and the earth, and everything between them, and Lord of the easts.*

[37:6] We have adorned the lowest heaven with adorning planets.*

[37:7] We guarded it from every evil devil.

[37:8] They cannot spy on the High Society; they get bombarded from every side.

[37:9] They have been condemned; they have incurred an eternal retribution.

[37:10] If any of them ventures to charge the outer limits, he gets struck with a fierce projectile.

[37:11] Ask them, "Are they more difficult to create, or the other creations?" We created them from wet mud.

[37:12] While you are awed, they mock.

[37:13] When reminded, they take no heed.

[37:14] When they see proof, they ridicule it.

[37:15] They say, "This is obviously magic!

[37:16] "After we die and become dust and bones, do we get resurrected?

[37:17] "Even our ancient ancestors?"

[37:18] Say, "Yes, you will be forcibly summoned."

[37:19] All it takes is one nudge, whereupon they (stand up) looking.

[37:20] They will say, "Woe to us; this is the Day of Judgment."

[37:21] This is the day of decision that you used to disbelieve in.

[37:22] Summon the transgressors, and their spouses, and the idols they worshiped

[37:23] beside GOD, and guide them to the path of Hell.

[37:24] Stop them, and ask them:

[37:25] "Why do you not help one another?"

[37:26] They will be, on that day, totally submitting.

    Mutual Blaming

[37:27] They will come to each other, questioning and blaming one another.

[37:28] They will say (to their leaders), "You used to come to us from the right side."

[37:29] They will respond, "It is you who were not believers.

[37:30] "We never had any power over you; it is you who were wicked.

[37:31] "We justly incurred our Lord's judgment; now we have to suffer.

[37:32] "We misled you, only because we were astray."

[37:33] Thus, together they will all partake of the retribution on that day.

[37:34] This is how we requite the guilty.

    The First Commandment

[37:35] When they were told, "Laa Elaaha Ella Allah [There is no other god beside GOD]," they turned arrogant.

[37:36] They said, "Shall we leave our gods for the sake of a crazy poet?"

[37:37] In fact, he has brought the truth, and has confirmed the messengers.

[37:38] Most assuredly, you will taste the most painful retribution.

[37:39] You are requited only for what you have done.

[37:40] Only GOD's servants who are absolutely devoted to Him alone (will be saved).

[37:41] They have deserved provisions that are reserved specifically for them.

[37:42] All kinds of fruits. They will be honored.

[37:43] In the gardens of bliss.

[37:44] On furnishings close to one another.

[37:45] Cups of pure drinks will be offered to them.

[37:46] Clear and delicious for the drinkers.

[37:47] Never polluted, and never exhausted.

[37:48] With them will be wonderful companions.

[37:49] Protected like fragile eggs.

    The Dwellers of Heaven Visit the Dwellers of Hell

[37:50] They will come to each other, and confer with one another.

[37:51] One of them will say, "I used to have a friend.

[37:52] "He used to mock: `Do you believe all this?

[37:53] " `After we die and turn into dust and bones, do we get called to account?' "

[37:54] He will say, "Just take a look!"

[37:55] When he looks, he will see his friend in the heart of Hell.*

[37:56] He (will go to him and) say, "By GOD, you almost ruined me.

[37:57] "If it were not for my Lord's blessing, I would have been with you now.

[37:58] "(Do you still believe) that we die,

[37:59] "only the first death, and we never receive any requital?"

    Redemption: The Greatest Triumph

[37:60] Such is the greatest triumph.

[37:61] This is what every worker should work for.

[37:62] Is this a better destiny, or the tree of bitterness?

[37:63] We have rendered it a punishment for the transgressors.

[37:64] It is a tree that grows in the heart of Hell.

[37:65] Its flowers look like the devils' heads.

[37:66] They will eat from it until their bellies are filled up.

[37:67] Then they will top it with a hellish drink.

[37:68] Then they will return to Hell.

    They Followed Their Parents Blindly

[37:69] They found their parents astray.

[37:70] And they blindly followed in their footsteps.

    Victory for the Messengers Guaranteed

[37:71] Most of the previous generations have strayed in the same manner.

[37:72] We have sent to them warners.

[37:73] Note the consequences for those who have been warned.

[37:74] Only GOD's servants who are absolutely devoted to Him alone (are saved).


[37:75] Thus, Noah called upon us, and we were the best responders.

[37:76] We saved him and his family from the great disaster.

[37:77] We made his companions the survivors.

[37:78] And we preserved his history for subsequent generations.

[37:79] Peace be upon Noah among the peoples.

[37:80] We thus reward the righteous.

[37:81] He is one of our believing servants.

[37:82] We drowned all the others.


[37:83] Among his followers was Abraham.

[37:84] He came to his Lord wholeheartedly.

[37:85] He said to his father and his people, "What are you worshiping?

[37:86] "Is it these fabricated gods, instead of GOD, that you want?

[37:87] "What do you think of the Lord of the universe?"

[37:88] He looked carefully at the stars.

[37:89] Then he gave up and said, "I am tired of this!"

[37:90] They turned away from him.

[37:91] He then turned on their idols, saying, "Would you like to eat?

[37:92] "Why do you not speak?"

[37:93] He then destroyed them.

[37:94] They went to him in a great rage.

[37:95] He said, "How can you worship what you carve?

[37:96] "When GOD has created you, and everything you make!"

[37:97] They said, "Let us build a great fire, and throw him into it."

[37:98] They schemed against him, but we made them the losers.

[37:99] He said, "I am going to my Lord; He will guide me."

[37:100] "My Lord, grant me righteous children."

[37:101] We gave him good news of a good child.

    Satanic Dream*

[37:102] When he grew enough to work with him, he said, "My son, I see in a dream that I am sacrificing you. What do you think?" He said, "O my father, do what you are commanded to do. You will find me, GOD willing, patient."

[37:103] They both submitted, and he put his forehead down (to sacrifice him).

    God Intervenes to Save Abraham and Ismail

[37:104] We called him: "O Abraham.

[37:105] "You have believed the dream." We thus reward the righteous.

[37:106] That was an exacting test indeed.

[37:107] We ransomed (Ismail) by substituting an animal sacrifice.

[37:108] And we preserved his history for subsequent generations.

[37:109] Peace be upon Abraham.

[37:110] We thus reward the righteous.

[37:111] He is one of our believing servants.

    Birth of Isaac

[37:112] Then we gave him the good news about the birth of Isaac, to be one of the righteous prophets.

[37:113] We blessed him and Isaac. Among their descendants, some are righteous, and some are wicked transgressors.

    Moses and Aaron

[37:114] We also blessed Moses and Aaron.

[37:115] We delivered them and their people from the great disaster.

[37:116] We supported them, until they became the winners.

[37:117] We gave both of them the profound scripture.

[37:118] We guided them in the right path.

[37:119] We preserved their history for subsequent generations.

[37:120] Peace be upon Moses and Aaron.

[37:121] We thus reward the righteous.

[37:122] Both of them were among our righteous servants.


[37:123] Elias was one of the messengers.

[37:124] He said to his people, "Would you not work righteousness?

[37:125] "Do you worship a statue, instead of the Supreme Creator?

[37:126] "GOD; your Lord, and the Lord of your forefathers!"

[37:127] They disbelieved him. Consequently, they had to be called to account.

[37:128] Only GOD's servants who are absolutely devoted to Him alone (are saved).

[37:129] We preserved his history for subsequent generations.

[37:130] Peace be upon Elias, and all those like Elias.

[37:131] We thus reward the righteous.

[37:132] He was one of our believing servants.


[37:133] Lot was one of the messengers.

[37:134] We saved him and all his family.

[37:135] Only the old woman was doomed.

[37:136] We annihilated all the others.

[37:137] You still pass by their ruins by day.

[37:138] And by night. Would you understand?


[37:139] Jonah was one of the messengers.

[37:140] He escaped to the loaded ship.

[37:141] He rebelled and thus, he joined the losers.

[37:142] Consequently, the fish swallowed him, and he was the one to blame.

[37:143] If it were not that he resorted to meditation (on God),

[37:144] he would have stayed in its belly until the Day of Resurrection.

[37:145] We had him thrown up into the desert, exhausted.

[37:146] We had a tree of edible fruit grown for him.

[37:147] Then we sent him to a hundred thousand,* or more.

[37:148] They did believe, and we let them enjoy this life.

[37:149] Ask them if your Lord have daughters, while they have sons!

[37:150] Did we create the angels to be females? Did they witness that?

[37:151] Indeed, they grossly blaspheme when they say -

[37:152] "GOD has begotten a son." Indeed, they are liars.

[37:153] Did He choose the girls over the boys?

[37:154] What is wrong with your logic?

    Addressing the Disbelievers

[37:155] Why do you not take heed?

[37:156] Do you have any proof?

[37:157] Show us your book, if you are truthful.

[37:158] They even invented a special relationship between Him and the jinns. The jinns themselves know that they are subservient.

[37:159] GOD be glorified; far above their claims.

[37:160] Only GOD's servants who are devoted to Him alone (are saved).

[37:161] Indeed, you and what you worship.

[37:162] Cannot impose anything on Him.

[37:163] Only you will burn in Hell.

    The Angels

[37:164] Each one of us has a specific job.

[37:165] We are the arrangers.

[37:166] We have duly glorified (our Lord).

    Following The Parents Blindly

[37:167] They used to say,

[37:168] "Had we received the correct instructions from our parents,

[37:169] "we would have been worshipers; devoted to GOD alone."

[37:170] But they disbelieved, and they will surely find out.

[37:171] Our decision is already decreed for our servants the messengers.

[37:172] They are surely the victors.

[37:173] Our soldiers are the winners.

[37:174] So disregard them for awhile.

[37:175] Watch them; they too will watch.

[37:176] Do they challenge our retribution?

[37:177] When it hits them one day, it will be a miserable day; they have been sufficiently warned.

[37:178] Disregard them for awhile.

[37:179] Watch them; they too will watch.

[37:180] Glory be to your Lord, the great Lord; far above their claims.

[37:181] Peace be upon the messengers.

[37:182] Praise be to GOD, Lord of the universe.

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